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Find out how we positioned Ask Wire as a pioneer in the European real estate market. This case study delves into the brand strategy, renaming, and platform development that helped the business scale beyond Cyprus.
Apr 4th, 2023
3 min read
The ChallengeThe Solution: A Holistic BrandThe Strategic Decision: RenamingThe Audit & WorkshopThe Strategy and ActivationThe Platform's Core StrengthThe Impact
The Challenge
Much of the European Real Estate feels a lot like guess work. Launched in 2019 as Wire-FS, the company aimed to change this narrative. Our task was to develop a brand strategy and identity that would not only bolster Wire's business and product offerings but also facilitate their European expansion.
A mere logo wasn't going to cut it. We needed a holistic brand strategy. Through focused, collaborative workshops, we developed a strategy that positioned Wire as the data-driven go-to for anyone in the real estate industry. This includes insurance companies, investors, banks, and even the general public.

The vision? To democratise a market held back by old-school practices and bad players.
A pivotal element of our strategy was the company's renaming from Wire-FS to Ask Wire. Far from a superficial change, this was a strategic decision that resonated with the brand's core message: "Ask Wire, understand Real Estate." The new name perfectly captured the brand's essence—demystifying real estate through data and bringing the new strategy to life right from the top level.
the audit & workshop
Our journey began with an exhaustive analysis of the real estate industry, particularly its impact in Cyprus and across Europe.

The data spoke volumes: the industry was ready for a shake-up.

We gathered key players from both Factory 39 and Ask Wire gathered for a two-day workshop, culminating in a unified brand vision and strategy, complete with purpose, positioning, and values.
The Strategy and Activation
More than just a document, our strategy is  a blueprint for action. We undertook the rebranding of Ask Wire, fine-tuned their logo, and crafted a user-centric real estate data platform designed to empower anyone to understand real estate without the usual headaches.
The platform's core strength
The strength of Ask Wire lies in its platform, designed for data simplicity and user engagement. We created a unique real estate data interface that's both intuitive for users and scalable for the team.

Go and try it now:
The Impact
  • Awarded Best Fintech for Real Estate in Europe
  • Secured over £1M in investments
  • Achieved a 98% user satisfaction rate
  • Successfully expanded into the Greek market
We are delighted to se all our client positively respond to our UI and UX. The brand is now able to attract he right customers and we can speak about our offering more efficiently.

Pavlos Loizou, Co-founder